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Our services are:
- Production and installation of wooden houses, saunas.
- Buildings cottage settlements.
- Production of complete sets of houses (boxes) for export.

frame house
Round log
Glued, profiled bar
frame house
Canadian technology
$ 300 per square meters.
log, carcass
$ 300 per square meters.
Shaped beam
$ 300 per square meters.

The construction of wooden houses

The water did not sink in the fire does not burn, does not rot in the ground. What is it? This is your wooden house!
Wooden houses of logs and profiled beam (Finnish Technology)

 wooden house from logs and timber profiling

Round logs - cozy and warm!

Features wooden house :
 fireproof wooden house Off
 Environmentally clean house ecologically pure
 earthquake-resistant wooden house withstand any earthquake
 durable wooden house Long Life
 insulation and ventilation in a wooden house Ideal retains heat
 advantageous to maintain a wooden house Economical to maintain.

construction on the proposed plan or your plan from our Directory Project , turnkey for $ 350 per m 2 price includes the foundation, roof, windows, doors, floors, plumbing, internal communications.
Guaranteed period of production - only 2-3 months depending on the area. 10 years guarantee!

Prefab Homes (Canadian technology)

Inexpensive and fast!

 quick house very quickly built
 Environmentally clean house warmest of all types of houses
 earthquake-resistant wooden house Seismic resistant
 durable house Long Life
 value of the house most inexpensive type of construction
 advantageous to maintain a wooden house Economical to maintain.

House turnkey for $ 350 per m 2 and only 3 months!

These houses are now built in Ukraine! full cycle: from the purchase of a tree before you install the door in your bedroom from the tree! No middlemen, no markups on quality, no cheap experts! complete, closed cycle of production in our workshops, ongoing monitoring of experienced professionals for those. process.

+38 (093) 441-3003

Frequently Asked Questions about wooden houses

1. What is necessary to start construction on the site?
a) Desire
b) The draft plan or sketch of the desired home. Our architect will help you decide on a project or you will make a draft of your future home

2. What does an implied price of 700 dollars and that it includes?
Price includes full turnkey house. See Prices and completing below.

3. What is the mechanism of payment?
a) The first prepayment - 60% - on the foundation and the purchase of timber for drying.
b) The second advance payment - 30% one month after the first drying your wood is finished, begin assembling at home in the shop to purchase all materials, plumbing, heating and so on. for your home.
a) The balance you pay when you go in your house. As a result, home to 150 square meters. produced and installed within 3 months.
You can always monitor the progress of building a house on the photo report, which we spread on the site, send you post or you will be personally present at our factory at any time when you want.
< br> 4. In some areas of Ukraine you are?
We build homes within 20 km. from the border of Kiev.

5. When to start work on construction?
At any time of year.

6. Whether or not you work on heating, communications, etc? What is needed from me for this part?
We produce work on installation and wiring of communications. Sinks, pots, batarerii and so on. Customer vybiraept and gives himself.

7. What type of your building most suited to the Kiev region?
We recommend to use the technology of construction of the house from logs of diameter 20-22 cm - warm and wonderful kind of guarantee.

8. Do you have detailed pricelists VAS and a list of mandatory work?
Each project is considered individually. Since this is not a mass product, the customer himself expresses wishes to his house, and we believe the estimates based on the project and your requirements.

9. What is the cost of delivery?
We have our own transport and loading and unloading equipment. Delivery within 20 km. from the border of Kiev is free .

10. What kind of wood you use for the construction?
Khmelnitsky forest - the most ecologically clean area. Larch - Siberian.

11. Why you should apply it to us?
Because you appreciate quality, reliability and experience!

If you still have questions - call: +38 (093) 441-3003.

Prices for the construction of houses
Price per square meter in U.S. dollars including taxes

- How it looks?
- Like a fairy tale! see for yourself
EquipmentFramedwooden-frame house or timber

300 USD300 USD
Time for
area of 500 square meters. 3 <= floors
3 months3 months

Foundation + +
main treepinepine
Diameter (wall thickness)180 mm200 mm
design work - -
ceiling height275 sm275 sm
Flooring (wood)pinepine
insulation and vapor-hydro isolation + +
lining (ceiling file) - pine 15 mm
Windows and doors (metal-) + +
Plumbing / water
(communications wiring, installation of nodes)
+ +
(communications wiring, installation of nodes)
+ +
electrocultivation + +
Fire - -
Ladder + +
Frame Roof + +
Crate + +
Roof + +
Siding + -
construction work + +

Space structure is defined as the sum of building floor area, izmeryanyh within the inner surfaces of exterior walls and floor of balconies and loggias
Standard payment terms

a) The first advance payment - 60% upon signing the contract for laying of the foundations and the purchase of the forest.
c) The second pre-payment - 30% since the collection of houses on the site.
d) Final payment - 10% during the delivery of assembled house on the site.

Examples of our work
Technology - wild carcass
area - 215 square meters.
download (13,5 Mb)
Technology - wild carcass
area - 180 square meters.
download (8,5 Mb)
Technology - Round logs
area - 160 square meters.
download (10,4 Mb)
Technology - Round logs
area - 200 square meters.
download (8,8 Mb)
Technology - wild carcass
area - 250 square meters.
download (14,3 Mb)
Technology - wild carcass
area - 225 square meters.
download (10,9 Mb)

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