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Object attention
Monakhov, G. object of special attention / / GENERAL DIREKTOR. 2004. в„– 11. C. 76-79

Undoubtedly, the office manager - not just a matter of his personal taste: the interior depends on the direction of business, describes the business as owner, and reflects the style of the company. Cabinet - this is the second "I", expressed in wood and plastic

The age of primitive accumulation of capital is always and everywhere accompanied taste. Nouveaux riches tend to be ostentatious bling that usually turns into an incredible bargain price. However, on the offices of our "new", despite perepevki "foreign" experience, yet can not say that they do not have their way. Where else can you see a mixture of hospital rest, public houses, souvenir shops and sectarian communities" Domestic "Byzantine" style furniture complemented by embroidered towels and napkins, icons, artificial flowers and exhibition of low-quality handicrafts.

Even as correct in detail design may not match the image of the company. For example, if the office manager of the company that sells the latest information technologies, is made in the Baroque style, it is in contradiction with the concept of industries. Might be more appropriate design in the style of "high tech". Conversely, a solid bank manager's office-style "fusion" will cause association with risky investments because the bank in such a design office declares himself as a young, aggressive, recently released on the market. Old English style interior creates a feeling of security among partners and customers. However, we must not forget that too lush environment should alert: "And if you do not want to rip off"".

If you still prefer the style of "antique, it is better for your computer to install a separate table, which he will be completely hidden. Plastics combined with natural wood looks far from harmonious, and by chance, thus calling into question the tastes of the director, and this may affect on perceptions of his qualifications.

In harmony with the image

The concept of "corporate image" requires furnish an office, for example furniture factory, domestic, and not Italian furniture.Otherwise, how would the master cabinet was trying to give "national character" with a portrait or a plaster bust of Taras Shevchenko and embroidered towels" anyway, in my opinion, not only a retreat from the firm's image, but also a betrayal of its interests. Or similar attributes were necessary to replace the portraits of Lenin, complete collection of his writings on the shelves and the Charter of the CPSU on the table" We hope that this is only a temporary phenomenon of transition. "Winter Generation" will seek to style, characterized by harmony, compositional ordering, clean lines and silhouettes, which emphasizes the perfection of the internal refinement of style.

The Cabinet of "expensive" in the eyes of partners through a commitment to a particular approach in its design. The American approach" dynamism and aggressiveness, "purity" of the style. Europeans any style elements diluted traditions. For the European approach is characterized by the presence in the office boss works of art. To emphasize the respectability and reliability, to show that the company has long since entered the market and is working on it with the same success in the office of head of relevant items that have passed the test of time" classical paintings, prints, bronze clocks, etc. In some European countries the means to purchase rarities in galleries and at auctions was originally laid in the construction budget office. However, the expensive "toys" should not be much. Instead of having to study four "prestigious" thing, it is better to buy one, but four times more expensive. The abundance of decorations, and saturates the space of a distraction from work.

Americans usually do without frills, and prefer the antique works of abstract art. In any case interior to impress the elite, but emotionally neutral.

Unique and tasteful

When choosing furniture for the office is not enough to think only of her comfort and ergonomics, especially when it comes to the chief's office. From the rest of the office manager's office should be different unique furniture situated therein.Even simple little things, moving into high-style, becomes a component of the image. Thus, writing instrument can be made of precious wood, marble, with casting. Table lamp, paper holder, knives for cutting envelopes (from silver and black wood to crystal), an elegant leather stand" All these accessories make interior cabinet complete and harmonious. Leather hand-made, polished steel and brass plated coating, elm and mahogany" materials that combine the authenticity of the nobility, arrogance, novelty.

If office furniture usually buy at the warehouses, the interior in the "holy of holies" of the company should choose a special lounges, including in those where they make things in order. Under this scheme is now working most of furniture companies, and the cost of special furniture is not much higher standard.

Around the head table

Ergonomic office manager involves placement of furniture and create an environment in which would be appropriate different protocol scenarios. So, next to the desk manager must be placed perpendicular to the addl table where the host will receive visitors. As we know, boss, sitting at his desk, can communicate only with the staff. Ideally, this T-shaped structure must be located opposite the door so the light fell on the left. By the way, according to Eastern philosophy, it helps to find a way even from a hopeless situation. The guest seated with his back to the window, but the owner is the opposite. The correct position" when people are sitting in the office can look around the room and see what is happening around. It is impossible that the head was sitting with his back to the door, in line with the door, face or back to the window.

Even simple little things, moving into high-style, becomes a component of the image

The protocol requires that the office was and salon bath, which will host visits of courtesy: salon table, two chairs, perhaps a sofa.The guest to sit on the sofa or in the right seat, the owner is in a chair on the left. On one side, in a place that draws the least attention to themselves, is needed as a small sideboard, or cabinet, where the assistant (secretary) will be able to put a tray of drinks.

Nuances Interior

Depending on the image goals should take into account the structure and color of the furniture. Equally important is the texture of the surface material. Black desk a few slow reaction and dulls attention. Dark curtains and upholstery chairs on a light background walls look official, while the curtains, upholstery and tables bright colors create a feeling of reliability. The reddish color in the interior allow you to feel cozy and comfortable. Table size should be convenient enough: not too big to employee did not have to keep up with papers, but not too small, so he did not feel deprived. A square or rectangular table gives the impression of rigor and meetings. Round or semi" best suited for those who engage in creative work. Form chairs also determines the selected style. Above all, the back of a chair or the chair was never above the shoulder sitting head, or it suppresses it, and he is in the eyes of the visitors seemed less significant. Similar impressions

tion can create massive cabinets in the zone where there is a desk officer.

Attention should be paid and flooring. It was quickly wiped off, as visitors usually go to the same "trail". It spoils the view of a worn floor space. Industry offers a variety of coverage, as long as they were with an increased rate of wear resistance, allows to create individual compositions, provides sound insulation and retain their color throughout the entire life.

When you register office necessarily take into account the direction of the company

There is no doubt that elements of the female head of the cabinet should be different from the room where the man works.First of all, it is more soft, pastel colors, furniture, fine lean structures, curtains made of light fabric. Accessories (desk set, ashtray, vase), should also not be large. If a man's study are relevant paintings in massive frames, made butter, then in the room, women will look harmonious watercolors and pastels.

External additions

A separate question" phytodesign, ie, use in the interior of the compositions of flowers and plants. Flowers as decorations on the business premises must not distract or interfere in the work. And they can prevent, closing the light, the faces of visitors and customers, irritating colors, smell and overly pretentious song. Flowers in the office premises, where the walls are painted in bright pastel colors" very bright spot in the interior. That they add excitement, but not too flashy, you must consult with experts. Maybe they'll offer to make a green hill, where the well will look a combination of pot and cut flowers, plants or establish at geridonah (small tables, stands are usually on one leg) or on special podiums. Very beautiful hanging from the ceiling, floral chandeliers" pots with plants, mounted on metal holders.

It is equally important to organize the cabinet lighting. The darkness creates a confidential atmosphere, and the excess light" atmosphere of nervousness. Varied lighting animates the interior. Do not have sources of light directly overhead. In fact, avoid any objects overhanging the workplace.

The stylish interiors, elegant and tastefully dressed staff, friendly manner of communication" All this is important for companies of different profiles. The client is likely to come again to where it comfortably, easily and conveniently than where he was greeted with sullen looks and untidy situation ..

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