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Cabinet - the second I
Voroshilov AA Cabinet - the second" I" / / Office. 2004. в„– 5. C. 48-53

An important part of the image of the head" his office. How do to the interior disposes of customers and partners" And how to create an atmosphere that helps devise and implement interesting and important projects of the company"

Director's office should be different from the rest of the office unique interior and at the same time reflect the corporate identity and direction of the company. Perhaps, to fully comply with this requirement is only possible when developing the overall design of the original project. But the main problem" create not just a unique interior. The Cabinet must meet his master, his habits, temperament, lifestyle and preferences" it depends on mood and performance. How can this be achieved"

Thinking about improving

Mandatory and one of the most important attributes of the Cabinet" director's desk. He certainly must be of good, and quite large. Now popular tables with rounded corners that soften the impression of the pomposity of classical study and add democratic cabinet in the style of hi-tech. Often, tables are the only tabletop without mounted drawers and shelves (to function successfully perform mobile pedestals).

Briefing-top box, which comes with the vast majority of offices of domestic production, enjoy the same success. The name itself defines their function. Despite this, the brief call and auxiliary tables with stools, and small semicircular console, hardly suitable for meetings (or rather, for a cup of coffee). By the way, foreign leaders prefer desktops in classical performance (for talks with visitors is a meeting room, and meeting with colleagues are in the conference hall). But the choice, of course, be determined not by fashion trends or price, and daily tasks of business.Therefore, before making an order, it is useful to ask the question: whether this arrangement cabinet furniture style management"

For example, a company with strong management vertical, where the director holds daily meetings with department heads, a small briefing, the prefix is not a very good solution. Free-standing conference table are functionally quite suitable, but may create discomfort, tearing off the head of the documents and the phone on his desk. On the other hand, it will give daily workshops unnecessary formality. In this case the perfect familiar layout of cabinet furniture in a 'T', when perpendicular to the table the charge of the long head of the table for negotiations.

Ideal for daily meetings, at the same time, such a plan is absolutely unsuitable for communicating with visitors, as it creates is not always useful confrontation. If your frequent guests are CEOs, should look the other decisions of the Cabinet (the same democratic briefing set-top boxes, upholstered office furniture). In any case, the furniture must be of impeccable quality. Most original or fashionable, but low-quality furniture, instantly destroy the gravity of image. Besides the quality of materials and components depends its life.

What is the form of a conference table is preferable" The answer may prompt you to psychologists. They contend that the exchange of ideas will be easy for an oval table, where nobody's powers had not been emphasized. Certain strategic decisions, facilitates the rectangular shape of the table (communion of people sitting in a row, is limited to brief statements of fact). If you are trying to save power in one hand and control the situation, select the location where one sits in front of others. However, this should not do, if you plan to negotiate equal partners" for this case at an opportune moment to be small round or triangular table.

Designers are strongly advised to pay part of the Cabinet or a separate room at the recreation area.This is the place soft furniture, coffee table, indoor plants. This cozy nook is designed not only to restore strength and reception. Change of environment is crucial in the conduct of important negotiations with customers and partners, and comfort of upholstered furniture creates a trusting environment, and often helps to bring the conversation back on track.

CHOICE" Simple matter

According to leading marketing company" Merkes Furniture" Eugene Romanenkova, if earlier, in most cases, our leaders have hedged their premises different parts of normal operational furniture, but today the office is increasingly sold as a whole, and from buying cheap furniture being phased out altogether.

It should be noted that the official accepted gradation of office furniture does not exist. All companies applying its own conditional division, convenient to them, why single out any signs of each class of furniture is almost impossible. In any case, the basis of division often posited price. Quasi it all classrooms can be divided into four cost categories: Up to $ 1500 per set, from $ 1500 to $ 3000, from $ 3000 to $ 5000 and over $ 5000. Price is due to the materials used, quality of build, design solutions.

The most expensive cabinets are made entirely of solid wood: oak, beech, maple, ash, cherry, walnut, birch and others (in furniture manufacture, under an array understand boards, glued together from bars of solid wood of the same species). It is usually piece-goods. In the segment of expensive products, the Company's estimates" League Nova ", the ratio of imported and domestic furniture about 70 to 30%. Of greatest import in the market represented by the Italian production (Italy" The absolute world leader in exports of office furniture). There are also offices of German, Belgian, Spanish and other manufacturers. And if, for example, the German office furniture" is primarily the quality and ergonomics, the hallmark of Italian" sophisticated colors and original designs, because the Italians are more oriented to the individual buyer.

In the furniture segment of medium and low priced significantly increased the activity of domestic producers.Here the ratio of imported and domestic furniture" 40 and 60% respectively. Large domestic manufacturers are working on the stream, using qualitative, but not very expensive materials and accessories. Such furniture, often with a pronounced style accessories can fit into a variety of interiors. I must say, not all cabinet furniture available on the market, corresponds to that required for a manager. It remains a mystery and that. why in some cases the only available desk (albeit very expensive) are proud to call "office manager".

But the deal only on the best that appeared on the market last year. Thus, the significantly expanded range of the company" "Merckx", released last year, five cabinet series, the most successful of which come from" Flagship" and "Spline". The peculiarity of the Cabinet" Flagship" that. The table and stand in it are connected, while in other series they are separated. Also used a thick glass with aluminum frame that attaches to the cabinet rather unusual appearance.

" Intehservis Ltd" (Brand" Snite"), In turn, introduced two new series of cabinet" "Plasma" and "Titan". "Plasma" executed in the best traditions of modernism: the combination of chocolate and fashionable now bleached oak, plus maximum functionality" everything is at hand. For more most imposing desk has a thick top.

Features new cabinets" Dallas" company" Coryphaeus" " in the configuration of the desk, which is the shape of a fasolinu. Go catch the eye and metal legs of unusual design.

Make customers and the company" Enran acro. Her new office" Neo" is a typical example of neo-classical and creates the desired image of respectability, without losing the restraint interior. The use of fine wood veneer makes it possible to create the illusion of a natural array.

Of course, this list is incomplete.New developments presented and other companies, and it can not but rejoice, but the scope of the journal does not allow mention of all. If the market does not find anything that would contribute to realizing the design idea" there is always the possibility to order the production of individual furniture. Thankfully, the smaller companies that can fulfill the order very high quality, abound. Besides, private studios are taken for the production of furniture made of valuable species such as rosewood, cubic meter which cost several thousand dollars.

As for upholstered furniture specially for offices, then a similar domestic products on the market a little, but it is, for example, sofas brand" Amati". Provided emphasized strict forms of furniture series" Business class" (" League Nova"). Elastic, perhaps even harsh, but comfortable seating made of molded polyurethane foam. This material is usually used in the manufacture of automotive and aircraft seats and initially has a higher density, which significantly increases the wear resistance of products.

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