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Office on thin legs
Shchepetov Yu Office on thin legs / Contracts. . April 5, 2004 (в„– 14). S. 48-53

Recent trends in the arrangement of offices required and modern approach to their furnishings. And in the furniture fashion now prevails tehnostil.

Evolution of office space

Today, every office" Dweller", At least in the capital, call the main trend of formation of office space in recent years the fashion for open space. Experts note that it is not even a fashion, and the irreversible evolution of office space, finally embraced and post-Soviet countries. Skidded to Ukraine idea" Open space", Like all other new developments, international companies. Their designers have noted that with the help of open space the company consolidates its staff, forcing every employee to feel himself part of the first of his company, not his department, as it was during a Cabinet system.

Domestic entrepreneurs have to copy" Open" way of organizing the office, guided not by abstract values of corporate culture, and quite a few tangible benefits:

1) removing the wall, you can save 20% expensive office space;

2) open space provides a dynamic office" there is less discomfort during the expansion of some departments or eliminate the others;

3) greatly facilitated the exchange of information between workers in different departments;

4) In the end, the boss or his trusted people can control the behavior of the whole team and keep abreast of all cases.

Manufacturers of office furniture to notice that the principle of open space in the office furnishings necessarily involves also a change in approach to furnishing the living space of the company. As if guided by the biblical admonition "not to pour new wine into old bottles", Furniture-makers to develop" Open" Offices brand new series, trying as much as possible to express the main features of open space" openness, modernity and dynamism.Of course, these trends are reflected in the most common office furniture" operational, while the furniture in executive offices mostly retains conservative features.

Leading manufacturers of furniture, even to some extent stimulate the transition offices to the "open space". The fact that domestic manufacturers tend to follow the legislators furniture fashions" Italian designers, and they have long been tuned to "open" offices.

The openness of the office, in particular, provides substantial relief of bearing elements of the table. Front panel, which also traditionally performed from the CPD, or disappear altogether, or replaced with perforated metal. Wherever the design permits, support for the table is not wide CPD, and thin legs. As a result, the tables in the current series for open space are the countertops from CPD, based on thin legs. The latter performed predominantly chrome-plated steel or other recognizable as a modern material, because in furniture" Open" Office reigns tehnostil. "I have not seen the furniture for open offices, performed in classic style," said director of marketing and sales company" Intehservis" Alexander Babich.

Significantly different and the form of tables. First, the old rectangular tables" a rarity in public offices. The various curves, smooth lines, ladders segments not only improve aesthetics, but also improve the ergonomics and save working space. Secondly, working desks are often combined in the working cells so that around one large table, composed of several elements, working a few people. So open space is divided into work areas and reinforce the psychological effect of cohesion within the working group.

Open Office developers operational furniture for open space and expressed through the color spectrum. There was a table of gray postforming. Dominate the soft neutral or light shades of natural hardwoods.According to the director office PC directions ZAO Enran" Andrew Medovarova, the need to save desktop space, inspired the emergence of open space, prompted the designers to the idea of "vertical" workplace. For example, recent development of the company" Enran" " series of operational furniture" Quant", Varto and" Enran-Nurus" " widely used" add" on tables, hanging wall cabinets, racks. This provides a compact elements of the system by which to save up to 25% of office space.

At the same time replacement of chipboard to steel components characteristic tehnostilya, as well as more extensive and more modern design and design development raises the cost of furniture, as compared with simple options to ADI. And it is not fashionable today, the only drawback of open space.

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