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Prefab Homes (Canadian technology of wooden houses)

For many centuries the tree was and remains the basic building material, the most effective and most convenient in construction. In Russia, Scandinavia and wooden houses were built mainly on the principle framework. However, in the XX century, humankind arose, and all the more acute the problem of saving fuel for heating homes in winter, especially in cold regions, which include the northern regions of Ukraine. Log of wood or of logs do not meet modern requirements of energy conservation. At present in Europe and in Ukraine adopted a very stringent regulations on thermal protection of buildings, which can only be achieved through effective thermal insulation materials. To meet the specified requirements for the thermal resistance (for the conditions of the northern Ukrainian region) outside wall should have thickness: the construction of timber - 20 cm, made of brick - 50 cm, and from wooden frame - only 15 cm Typically, the technology of building houses is called Canadian. The first houses built in Ukraine by frame technology , came to us from Canada. In the early 90's came another term, partly describes this technique - sandwich - prefab houses . The house, best suited to modern requirements and ideas on energy conservation, comfort, ecology and fire protection, must be based on wood-frame technology with effective insulation. This design is also better for the ratio of " price-quality ". Today 80% of the U.S., Canada, Norway, Sweden and Finland are building just such homes.

The basis frame house is a wooden frame of size or, in the remaining visible parts, planed lumber. To increase the span of premises could also be used laminated beams. For insulation, typically used mineral wool Glass (Ursa, Isover) or rocks (Rockwool). 150mm layer of insulation (at the rate of 125 mm) fully meets year-round comfort. As the wind protection used Edged board 25 mm thick, wood and chipboard. Interior and exterior decoration depends on the wishes of the customer.

At the present time frame technology is one of the most promising technologies for construction of country houses. This technology is widely used in Canada, Scandinavia, Germany and other European countries and is becoming increasingly popular in Ukraine. Using this technology allows you to build as large cottages, holiday homes and low-cost, superior brick houses on the quality characteristics and are not inferior to them in appearance.

The benefits of timber frame houses include the following:

There is no shrinkage allows for interior design at home immediately after construction. Frame house can be safely left without heating in winter and not be afraid for the interior finishes: it does not hurt.

Depending on the destination and spatial location of the house individually calculated wall thickness and insulation system, which ensures the safety of heat, which means lower operating costs for space heating.

Uniform mesh sizes of bearing elements can choose any kind of decoration both outside and inside. This frame houses can be as " wooden " and " brick " and the same house, built for different customers, will look completely different. It all depends on the capabilities and wishes of the client.

Features do not impose any restrictions on the design of the house, so any you like the house can be made on frame technology.

Lower price compared to houses with similar characteristics thermo achieved through the use of modern insulating materials.

Lightweight design reduces the load on the ground that allows for a more economical types of foundations and save money without sacrificing quality construction.

Durability design is achieved through processing and placement of a hidden frame

House Foundation - carcass of a dead tree - going on the principle of cellular structure and is very tough and durable construction. Frame exterior walls sheathed flame-retardant cement particle board, inside the wall is filled with fireproof basalt wool (Minplita). On the inner side are provided; vapor barrier, preventing moisture insulation and vapor from inside a wooden frame house, and reflective insulation, returning to 90% of heat radiated back into the house. The exterior walls covered with windproof membrane. This arrangement ensures the safety of a wooden frame and heater in working condition for the entire period of operation at home.  Prefab doma

Decorating the house can be any (at the discretion of the host). Outdoor - facade plaster, paint, siding, tiles and more. Internal - paneling, drywall, panels, tiles, wallpaper, painting. The technology provides an ideal surface for high quality finishing. Frame walls are not subject to shrinkage and can be finished immediately after installation. Due to the fact that the frame house is 5-6 times lighter than brick, it does not require massive base, which greatly reduces its value. It can even be erected on the foundation nezaglublennogo type using modern heaters that prevent freezing of heaving soils underneath.

All internal communication (water, sewerage electricity, heating, ventilation) laid in the walls. In addition, this design house has been developed and widely used effective air heating-ventilation-air conditioning, making it easy to regulate the microclimate in each room of the building - in winter heating, summer cooling, as well as to clean the incoming air. This integrated system creates a comfortable and healthy living conditions.

Wood-frame construction technology of individual houses is optimal for a wide range of climatic and geological conditions. The house was built on this technology not only provides thermal comfort in buildings, reducing by several times the cost of heating, but also provides a safe and clean environment.

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