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Antiques in Russia and fashion trends
In fact, the acquisition of antiquities" One of the most contagious types of collectibles. How and where to choose the right antique" Where to find specialists who, in the first place, a professional can appreciate it, and secondly, it will protect your interests" Can we finally learn to distinguish himself invaluable antiques from a fake" After all, sometimes it happens that for a ridiculous price of becoming a bronze statuette of the past or the century before last, and she suddenly turns the work of famous masters, or part of a collection of famous persons ... Antiques in the ordinary sense" this is old stuff. But in fact so called objects older than 50 years. Furniture, paintings, icons, sculptures, weapons, jewelry, dishes, books, watches, clothing, special equipment, musical instruments, lighting, automobiles, and more" in short, a real curiosity shop. To get to the level of rarities, the subject need not be very old, most importantly, that it was a highlight, artistic individuality, or any historical features.
Banzai, bonsai!
The term "bonsai" derived from the Japanese pronunciation of Chinese characters" pentszay" that means" growing in a pot". And although of bonsai" traditional Japanese art of breeding of dwarf plants, invented in China. But in Japan this art dealing with around the XI century. How can you make a potentially high and strong tree to stay small, fragile and delicate" With the help of various experts are making tweaks that tree over the years, takes the form and proportions of its big brother, growing in the wild. Method of growing bonsai is that the plant contain the same capacity, pinched the top of the shoots and cutting the roots. Much attention is paid to composition and quantity of soil required special care, special methods of pruning the roots and crown formation and the trunk. Due to this, are bonsai of different shapes: a symmetric line, the asymmetric line, with a forked trunk, oblique, "bent by the wind"", "Weeping", cascade, polukaskadnoy and "rock".


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