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Air lock
Domestic trade has never been spoiled by a great variety of commercial furniture and only the last three or four years, store owners really have to choose from. Nevertheless, each new development is attracting great interest. Attracted the attention and steel cables, commonly used in construction and architecture of XX century, and therefore have become very popular in interior design. Foreign and domestic designers timely noticed and appreciated the promise of light overhead structures, as well as the possibility of their use for trade. So there were shopping centers and office cable system" fundamentally new, special kind of products, a kind of "hybrid" demonstration equipment and decorative elements of interior decoration At first they were only attribute interiors of museums or public buildings, but over time his turn came up, and expensive boutiques and shops
Queen's bedroom. About beds
It turns out that a bed" the most important piece of furniture. It dominates the mood, health and family happiness. Choose your bed with all the responsibility. Our consultant will Konstantin Antipin, senior manager of salon" Daev Studio". Bedroom" center of the house" Today was the bedroom room, where they spent a lot of time: reading, watching home theater, working on the computer, make a purchase through the Internet, have breakfast, in the end. Some like to spend time in the kitchen, others" in the bedroom. That is why many furniture factories struggling to complicate the design of the bed, introducing some "related" elements. Of course, this increases the overall dimensions of the bed, she becomes a "house in the house"
About style decision with the arrangement of living
LOUNGE in former times was only room for guests. In the modern sense of a living room - it is also a place of recreation for the hosts. With zoning, spacious rooms with open-plan are usually distinguished dining area (dining room) and a recreation area. Collectively, these zones and is the living room. In a small apartment living often combines the functions of a common room, the place for the reception and lounges. So depending on what the load will be living in your home is worth choosing for her situation. Manufacturers of furniture and put in a word" Living" very different meaning. Russian, Czech, Polish, Slovak sets living mostly consist of upholstered furniture (sofa + two armchairs), coffee table and wall. A Western manufacturers largely equate to the dining room and living room complement the dining table, chairs and plenty of cupboards, cabinets and drawers.
How to fix the shortcomings of the hall by the sound of furniture
Needless to say, a spacious entrance hall - the dream of every owner of the apartment. However, sometimes a pipe. The houses have massive type series for this important room usually set aside 3-4 m2. Of course, almost any new building, you can choose an apartment with a large whims (area 6-8 m2) and date of a hall. However, to pay when buying a home have for each square meter, and 3-4 thousand dollars extra is not never happen. Therefore, the wisest course is to try to correct the shortcomings of rational ways of furnishing the hall. If your hallway is small, and the desire for large expanse, you can try to solve the problem by replanning apartment. But remember, this is difficult, expensive and not always feasible. Topics. who still dare to set foot on this thorny path, to look into our rubric" Design project", which publishes a variety of options" redrawing"
Sleep in peace!
We prove that a dream takes a third of human life. Naturally, I want to spend this time in a comfortable environment that can provide banal bedding. After all, even pillows and blankets are not bypassed by technological advances" in the shops of Kiev brought products using the latest technological developments. Where to lay my head The cost of pillows affect primarily of cover and filling, as well as size. In many models Bedding begun to use special anti-bacterial fabric, significantly slowing the growth of fungi and microorganisms. Such fibers provide hygroscopic products and are recommended especially for people prone to allergies, increased sweating. The range of almost every shop has items with covers.
It is believed that BEDROOMS better to have on the second floor of the house. In the model-bedroom apartments are usually the most distant room. Conveniently, when the bedroom has bathroom. Bedroom - a reflection of personal tastes of the hosts. She may be half-empty or filled with knick-knacks, framed in light or dark colors - the main thing that she liked the residents and provided the opportunity to relax. In the bedroom, everything must be thoroughly thought through and there should be no cause irritation. Frequently bedroom combine with the cabinet or sitting area. The first is undesirable, since the neighborhood bed and corner of the desktop computer is not too good for health. The combination of a bedroom with sitting area is preferable
Fashion on the bed. Bed for a thousand and one night ... love
Down asceticism! Japanese minimalism in bedroom is not needed. Choosing a bed, say "yes" to comfort, luxury and elegance, so that you can give free rein over the body and senses. Very, very long bed for sleep and for love stood up and became bed. It happened when people moved out of caves in the cabin. That primitive bed was like a big tub, and slept in it for several people. Fortunately, the width of its sometimes reached four meters. The owners have always been able to share a bed with a welcome guest. Everyone was terribly pleased, and how to decorate your bed. Archaeologists have even discovered imprints of woven mats. Personal bed appeared much later and was reserved only for kings. Egyptian pharaohs, for example, rest on luxuriously flat boxes. From the IV century BC" Bedside" craft is allocated to a separate category. Beds were made of wood and bronze, adorned with horny plates, bone, precious metals. Well, people have always been indifferent to luxury


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