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"Forest" construction
type mobile mobile forests as well as all sorts of facilities" stages, bleachers, fencing, conversion, the basis of that" scaffolding. Most common in the forest industry were fixed rack type BOSTA, and in civil engineering, timber facade frame type. They are more simple, cheap and convenient in operation, which determined their mass. The most interesting woods two series" BOSTA BOSTA 70 and 100. Structurally, they are absolutely identical, using the same elemental base and differ only by the width of passage. They can use the decks of wood, steel or combined
BudMayster - scaffolding new time
manufacturers of scaffolding. In the domestic market, on the one hand, well represented the Ukrainian producers of forest products are the old model (reliability, quality, ease of assembly and aesthetics which, unfortunately, does not meet modern requirements), on the other hand, the forest of western producers whose prices are most Builders can not afford it. Production of factory Pavlogradspetsmash "Combining high quality European manufacturers of forest and relatively
Building a cellar
Cellar construction plan by mid summer (naysuhishyy season) to protect the trench from the effects of rainfall, which violate the natural structure of the pound, and that in June and August, the lowest standing of groundwater. Before construction, it is recommended to prepare in advance all the necessary material and tools. After completion of the cellar obsadzhuyut Decorative trees, hops, honeysuckle, rowan chornoplidnoyu. This land is used efficiently. In addition, plants detain snow. Footpaths spread red brick "in tree" or concrete tiles
Wooden drovnitsa
Of course, a modest list of the most essential tools nomenclature fireplace devices is not exhausted. Very useful accessories can be, for example, grate and drovnitsa. They not only facilitate and simplify the use of the fireplace, but also be more useful interior. Due to recent circumstances fireplace devices are presented and some aesthetic requirements. Thus, it is desirable that all they would have been kept in the same style. Remarkably, for instance, look forged instruments and accessories, which are now quite a few available for sale. But are these stylish stuff is expensive so buy a full set of them is not necessarily what a handyman can produce their own hands in our case" This drovnitsa. On its own forge and knowledge of blacksmithing to make forged drovnitsu have not all handyman
"Forest" construction
List of products manufactured by the company, consists of a modular framework of stationary forests and rack type, mobile mobile forests and scaffolds, as well as all sorts of facilities" scene, stands, fences and transitions, which are the basis" scaffolding. Most common in the industry were stationary timber, rack-type (Plettac Perfect Contur), and in civil engineering" Façade of the framework of the forest type. They are more simple, cheap and convenient in operation, which determined their mass. Among the framework of forest produced Plettac AG, the most interesting woods two series" SL 70 and SL 100. Structurally, they are absolutely
Moving stage
the variety of types of elevators, in the Ukrainian market, experts have identified two main groups: " passenger; " trucks. Lift any group can, according to experts, to convert, that is, bring it to the exclusive product. Exclusive elevators are designed for individual needs and desires of the customer to solve some unique problems. For exclusive include the following types of elevators: " special; " panoramic; " Automobile; " Hospital; " malogruzovye
On the horizon in the neighborhood
When construction of the facility beyond the mark of the zero cycle, the question arises to-Tupa to parts of buildings under construction that are at altitude. They are available without the use of certain equipment, and the nature of these devices used depends largely on the approaches to organizing the entire construction process. In summary we can say that construction is moving in three main directions - up, down an inclined plane and horizontal. Sometimes it stretches, but this is a special case of specular reflection of upward movement. In the first case, it is important above all, to avoid falling from a height. In the second case - not to slide. In the third case - that did not fall on his head. In each of these cases, we need the equipment, devices and accessories
Logistics in the Ural style
In the highly competitive market optimization problem of the warehouse comes to the fore. Companies seeking to develop and focused on high performance, understand how important it is, firstly, the efficient use of valuable warehouse space and, secondly, to keep the possibility in the future to reorganize, add new storage hardware, which would save time and logistics costs . Company" Ural Style" known in the region as a solid partner in the development, delivery and manufacture of racking systems in the Ural region. Equipment" Ural style" found in the Government of Sverdlovsk region (archive shelving) to electron Mr. Ural plant, in JSC" Uraltelecom" in TD" Gorshkov", in companies
Scaffolding Expensive
Traders scaffolding higher prices for this equipment is already in October. The growth comes amid a two-fold increase in sales in the forest, recorded from January to October this year. The reason was not so much a general revival of construction in the capital, observed a few years, many new technologies, demand return to the once customary practice, the scaffold is erected. According to the companies operating in this market, sales of scaffolding in the current year amounted to 9" 12 million UAH. A large number of this equipment shall also builders of the lease. The main consumers of quite traditional: construction companies involved in reconstruction and erecting office, commercial buildings and multi-storey car parks. Market sale-purchase of scaffolding was formed five years ago. That's when a local builder has missed stocks that were laid during the Soviet times, and in Ukraine appeared the representatives of foreign manufacturers
Nicholas Kolisnichenko: "Ukrainian forest growing and will grow"
one of the few in our state, which over the past decade not only slowed the pace of production, including the reproduction of forests, but also able to prevent systemic crisis of production, maintaining the stable operation of their businesses. It is extremely important for the state. Why wood" not only wood, but also water, air, and many other things that need to man and society today and always. Forest" an important component of the biosphere, which is essential for life on Earth on a planetary scale. Forest" only restore the natural resources. One of the great scientists say that life is only where there is water. I would say that there is no life, and where there is no forest. So here I need some words and some additional evidence in favor of what we, in the literal sense of the word, to pray to the forest" If you disappeared tomorrow, oil, coal or gold, it will be bad, but people somehow adapt and will survive, finding new ways for the development and continuation of the human race. But if the forest disappears, will end all life on earth. Cut down the forest" much easier and more profitable process, rather than grow it. And not about whether this is the whole controversy in the industry" On the eve of a professional
Every board, two board ...
PASSPORTS BRANCH " The number of manufacturers of scaffolding in 2003 and 2002" five or six; shuttering in 2003" and three in 2002" 2. " Manufacture of scaffolding *: in 2003" 250 sq m, in 2002" 180-200 square meters, production casing *: in 2003" 40-50 square meters, in 2002" about 20 sq. m. " Export scaffolding and shuttering (code UKT VED 7308409000 **, FOB): 9 months 2003" 3.92 tons at $ 4,685.75 thousand, in 2002" 1.43 tons at $ 1,699.45 thousand " Imports of scaffolding and formwork (code UKT VED 7308409000, CIF): 9 months of 2003" 1.72 tons at $ 2,730.83 thousand; in 2002" 1.59 tons at $ 1,993.58 thousand _______________________________ * Estimated


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